So what is Holistic Nutrition?

Let me break it down for you!

I get asked all the time if what I do as a nutritionist is telling people to eat their fruits and vegetables. Well, yes that is a component to being a good nutritionist and definitely a major goal of mine to inspire people to eat more plant focused foods, however it's not even scratching the surface of what Holistic Nutritionists do. The role of a Holistic Nutritionist is to use natural evidence based practices to assess their clients needs by identifying symptoms that indicate health imbalances. Through individualized health plans, lifestyle recommendations, supplement recommendations (if needed), meal plans and much more to help clients understand the root cause of their symptoms and to bring their health back to a state of homeostasis. 

Empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and providing education on how to de-code nutrition labels, make the most nutritious food choices, explaining how food works in the body and much more. In tandem we assess clients lifestyle practices such as stress levels, exercise, sleep routine, relaxation and monitor the clients progress towards their unique health goals. Here are a few of many issues that a holistic nutritionist  can help with: acne/skin conditions, dietary changes, food allergies, mood disorders, cravings, detoxification, sleep issues, weight loss/gain, fatigue, lack of energy, hormonal balance, general wellness and disease prevention. 

I like to explain it like this - each person is very complex with roots to imbalance that are unique. What leads each person to the same sign, symptom or diagnosis—whether it be weight gain, fatigue, acne, PCOS or cancer—will be different. We each have a different set of histories and life circumstances that translate into something that has a similar name. This is the foundation of bio-individuality, and there are myriad of factors that apply here. Think of it like this, how many recipes can you find for chocolate chip cookies? Each person and their complex of symptoms are as varied as those recipes. Each is different and unique. Everyone has a different set of “ingredients” that led to a result with the same name. I don’t believe in quick-fix solutions, instant weight loss, calorie counting or restrictive eating. My job is to guide and educate you so we can unlock your healing potential through personalized nutrition protocols that work for you (your recipe). Whether you are looking to eat healthier or have a specific set of concerns and symptoms you would like addressed, I am here to help you. I believe that setting goals, being held accountable, and making a detailed plan is key to seeing lasting results towards being your healthiest self!

Emily Manuel, B.A, RHN, CYT

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