What is Intuitive Eating?


Intuitive Eating is a framework of eating that makes you the expert of your body and your nutritional needs. Think of this philosophy as the complete opposite of dieting. So, let’s say dieting is like writing with your non-dominant hand. Think about how it feels to write your name with that hand. Is it easy? Do you really have to think about it? Does it come out the same as when you use your dominant hand?  


Dieting removes your innate knowledge of the body and places it in the hands of others. That could mean a diet plan that someone came up with, it could be a human who is prescribing you the “ideal” way of eating, or it could even be an influencer on social media telling you not to eat past 7 pm! Dieting is sneaky. It's often sold as wellness, and it is packaged as a way to save yourself from weight gain. Instructions coming from outside your body, telling you how to nourish yourself with one goal in mind - and neither your health nor body profit. 


The diet industry profits off of our insecurities. It's rooted in racist, fatphobic, sexist, speciesist beliefs and behaviors. It states that you are not worthy unless you look a certain way and uphold a certain standard of consumption. 


Intuitive Eating teaches you how to listen to your body, it doesn't prescribe a set of rules, nor does it say there is one ideal way of eating, rather "all foods fit". It also doesn't uphold an ideal body. All bodies are good bodies. It removes "good" and "bad" from food labels and instead promotes a goal of obtaining neutrality with food. 


  1. Reject the diet mentality

  2. Listen to your hunger cues

  3. Make peace with food

  4. Challenge the 'food police

  5. Feel your fullness

  6. Discover the satisfaction factor

  7. Cope with your feelings without using food

  8. Respect your body

  9. Exercise and feel the difference

  10. Honour your health with gentle nutrition


Rather than a set of rules, Intuitive Eating is a way of challenging the current narratives you may hold around food, get to the root issue and release what isn't serving you. Rather than continually looking for happiness and worth through body size, we can listen to our bodies and understand our individual needs. 


I became an Intuitive Eating Counsellor because I noticed a trend when I first started working with people in my practice. It didn't matter how well a person ate or what their body looked like - it was never enough. This was mirrored in my life. I spent many years eating in a disordered fashion, constantly pursuing "health". It was all in the name of getting smaller and optimal nutrition, and it was praised. You can read more about my journey with Intuitive Eating here


Intuitive Eating is unlearning. It's a journey towards self-acceptance, releasing body shame, unending expectation and finding freedom outside diet culture.  


I help my clients unlearn the rules and standards of diet culture, stop obsessing about food, find worth and happiness outside their body size, break down internalized fatphobia and release body shame. 

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