Plant Based Eating Virtual 1-on-1 Coaching

Whether you are new to plant-based eating, veg-curious or have been a plant-based eater for a while, the world of nutrition is confusion and full of diet culture. If you are looking for plant based anti-diet, weight-inclusive nutrition counselling this is for you!

(3 or 6 sessions available)

The world of plant-based nutrition is confusing! If you're looking for a sustainable approach to plant based eating without all the diet culture talk, let's connect! Plant-based eating is much more than smoothies and kale.

We will cover:

  • The foundation for building a delicious and nutritious plant based diet/vegan lifestyle

  • How to create satisfying and nutritious plant based meals

  • Finding your why and motivations

  • The benefits of plant-based eating and vegan living

  • Delicious plant-based product recommendations

  • Supplement recommendations 

  • How to eat plant-based, intuitively

  • How to deal with negativity towards the lifestyle (The frustration is real, I'm here to listen!)

  • Restaurant tips and tricks (No, you don't always just have to eat sides!)

  • How to tune into the body and listen to hunger/satiety cues

  • How to sustainably and confidently continue eating plant based

  • How to navigate diet culture and fatphobic narratives within the vegan movement

  • And so much more!! (Please note that topics will be dependent upon the individual)

You'll have all of your questions answered and be able to walk away confident in your eating style!


You'll be working with me, a 22+ year plant-based eater, vegan intuitive eating nutritionist and passionate advocate for the vegan lifestyle. 

This program includes:

  • • 1x 60 minute initial consult - we will go over your health history, goals and concerns

  • • 2 x 45 minute consultations (additional 3 45/min sessions avail at a discounted rate.)

  • • Handouts, email and emotional support provided between sessions

  • • Current eating assessment

  • • Personalized lifestyle recommendations

  • • Bi-weekly food journal review (optional)

Investment: 3 sessions: $444 (tax incl) or 3 payments of $148 (payment options available)

6 sessions: $704 (tax incl) or 6 payments of $118 (payment options available) 

What others have said:

"Working with Emily has been great. She is a great resource especially when it comes to plant based diets. She has been really helpful and I will recommend her to anyone looking to improve their plant-based nutrition." - Nick

"It has been a pleasure working with Emily! I have not only acquired many helpful nutritional resources, but I have also been inspired to cook healthy, delicious food as a result. She has taught me about mindful eating and being in tune with my body to make choices that suit my wants, needs, and lifestyle. I hope to continue working with Emily in the future, as she graciously answers questions, shares her knowledge, and is available above and beyond each session. Thank you for doing what you do!" - Jessica 




How many sessions are included?

You can choose! Either 3 Sessions or 6 sessions of learnings & integrating. 

Do you offer payment plans?

​Yes I do! I am happy to work with you to find a payment plan that works for you! Sliding scale and payment options are available upon request for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and folks in difficult financial situations.

Will you provide a meal plan?

No, meal plans can often be restrictive and this program is designed to help you create your own nutritious, intuitive lifestyle! Many meal ideas and recipes will be shared!


Do you only work with vegans? 

No, this program is for anyone who is interested in eating plant-based. Whether you've been eating plant based for years or a day, I will meet you where you are. Veg-curious, vegetarian, plant-based, vegan, omnivore - all welcome!

Will I be able to book more sessions with you after this?

Absolutely, many clients want to book follow-up sessions later on and I welcome that!​ I charge $100 for 45/min follow-ups.

Will I lose weight eating plant-based? 

I use an anti-diet and weight inclusive approach to nutrition. If your goal is to lose weight, no judgement! However, I do not work with people who want to focus on weight loss. 

Do you work virtually?

Yes, I practice 100% virtually. All sessions will be held on zoom. Appointments via phone available on request.


I can't wait to work with YOU!

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