A Well Nourished Plate

Are you confused about what you should be eating? It’s okay! How can you not be confused when we hear these things on a daily basis: “Don’t eat carbs!” “Eat lots of protein!” “Don’t eat too much protein!” “Eat 3 meals a day” “No, eat 6 meals a day” “Don’t eat fruit – it’s a sugar!” “No, eat fruit it’s healthy” “Don’t over eat” “Don’t under eat” “Don’t drink coffee” "Being vegan is unhealthy/healthy" “Don’t eat sugar” “Don’t eat gluten” “Eat a keto/paleo/vegetarian diet you’ll loose weight” “Don’t eat that, it has too many calories” "Make sure to cook your kale" "Raw veggies are best" “That’s full of fat – it’s bad for you” and all the other things we are constantly told to do or not to do when it comes to food and eating. I hear these things come up almost daily in conversation. It’s SO confusing and it takes the fun and enjoyment out of nourishing ourselves! We get so bogged down by all the rules people tend to apply to eating and food - you just have to laugh, where did it all come from anyway?!

Eating should not be complicated. Eating should not make you feel guilty or ashamed. Eating shouldn’t be governed by a set of rules that if you break you feel “unhealthy”. If a food makes you feel sick then yes, don’t eat it – that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t eat it or that it should be labelled as unhealthy. Everyone is different. Our bodies metabolize foods uniquely. There is no quick fix, magic pill, recipe, or certain type of diet that will perform magic right away- we are all different. Our root causes are all different. Healing, whether physical or emotional is not linear.

My philosophy – NOURISH your body. Eat INTUITIVELY - in the way that fits best FOR YOU! Hungry?! EAT! Feel like eating carbs, don’t be scared your body needs healthy carbs! Want some chocolate?! Eat some chocolate! Didn’t eat your optimal daily intake of protein today?! That is okay eat some tomorrow! It is about B-A-L-A-N-C-E. Eating isn’t designed to be labelled as “perfect” or “imperfect” it’s just eating! Can we make better choices on a regular basis? YES! Does food affect our health? YES 100%! If you give into a craving will your body hate you forever? NO! Are certain ways of eating healthier for certain people? Of course! Is there one diet that is best for everyone? NO!

Let’s listen to our bodies. Let’s eat what feels right. Let’s nourish and fuel ourselves with foods that make us, individually feel our best, and hey - if chips make you feel amazing today, have some chips and e-n-j-o-y them! My job is to teach you the BEST options, from chips to organic produce (no judgement here! 😉), to look at food in a new light, to feel empowered with your food choices and in your body - because you are one incredible human BEing!! 😊

Our bodies are fueled by MACRO-nutrients: PROTEIN + FAT + CARBOHYDRATES. When our meals contain all 3 we have a macro-nutrient balanced meal. I have designed the “well nourished plate” as a guideline of what a well balanced meal typically looks like. This can help when preparing your meals ahead of time. Your plate doesn’t have to look like this every day for every meal but the next time you ask yourself what should I eat or how should I eat, this is a guideline on how you can ideally fuel your body. It’s broken down into protein, fat, starchy & non-starchy carbs. Ensuring you have each component will lead to a well balanced meal.

PROTEIN: -Grains (quinoa, amaranth, spelt) *also a starchy carb -Beans & Lentils *also a starchy carb -Soy products (be sure to choose non-GMO & organic) -Nuts & Nut butters -Animal products (be sure to choose local/hormone free as much as possible this is not only better for your body but also the environment and sustainability) Did you know all fruits & veggies contain a certain amount of protein!?

FAT: -Avocados -Coconut -Olives -Nuts & Seeds -Vegetable oils -Full fat animal products (ghee, full-fat yogurt)

STARCHY CARBOHYDRATES (complex carb): -Oats -Corn -Root vegetables (Sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets, pumpkin) -Brown Rice -Pasta -Sprouted Bread -Whole grains

NON-STARCHY CARBOHYDRATES: -Green leafy vegetables -Artichoke -Asparagus -Eggplant -Mushrooms -All other “non-starchy” vegetables -Fruit (berries, citrus, grapes, bananas etc.)

One thing each "diet" can agree on - is that an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is never a bad thing. Load up, the majority of your foods should ideally come without nutrition labels. Enjoy your food, make conscience choices, have fun and get creative with how you choose to eat. There are so many types of foods out there to enjoy - It's not a one size fits all journey. Wellness is such a personal thing, feed yourself in ways that makes YOU feel YOUR best, because that's what matters. You are in charge of your HEALth never forget that! 😊

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