Afternoon crash

You know how you can be feeling totally a-okay all day, then all of a sudden around 2 or 3 pm you’re suddenly tired, moody and have a bad case of the blah’s with a side of unmotivated?! Just like that your energy crashes - it said see ya later!

Your day isn’t even done yet! You still have a few more hours of work, plus you had planned on going to the gym AND you still have dinner to make! Uh Oh! This is normally the time of day where I picture myself getting into PJs plunking down on the couch and eating something not so great for me - can you relate?

If you’ve ever felt this way or do feel this way – then I’ve got some REALLY awesome news for you. There's a very simple solution to this VERY common problem - You need a snack!

In the middle of the afternoon two of your hormone systems collide. This leaves us feeling tired and moody. It's really not your fault and it's definitely not something that's 'wrong' with what you had for lunch. 👉It's a very natural crash.

Cortisol (the culprit!) is a super important hormone in our body. It's vital for brain function and energy levels. Cortisol is what wakes us up in the morning and keeps our energy sustained throughout the day. Cortisol peaks around lunch and then tapers off through the afternoon and evening, allowing melatonin to rise in the evening which helps us to sleep.

So now it's 3pm, we are tired, and foggy, we're running low on cortisol and our day is only half over! 😧 On top of that our lunch was most likely a few hours ago, so now our blood sugar is also low. No wonder we feel so sleepy and unmotivated!

I've got good news! Our body is crazy smart and knows how to fix this problem - it asks for sugar and maybe a little caffeine too! 😉 The catch is that these are short-term fixes that can rob us of energy later on.

The solution? Try a healthy nutrient-dense snack, and have it before you crash. If you often feel tired/hungry at 3pm, have a healthy snack at 2:30.

Stop that crash dead in its tracks. Great snack options are fruit with nut butter, some dark chocolate or hummus and crackers. You want high energy foods - yay healthy carbs!

A Healthy 2pm snack = a balanced, crash-free afternoon! 😊

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