Body Size Does Not Define Worth

I am SO SORRY that we live in a world that constantly promotes and upholds the opposite.

Your body shape, size, colour and ability does NOT define your worth as a human being. Neither does it define the status of your health. No, really.

This fascination with body perfection is a toxic cycle. Did you know that eating disorders in Canada and The United States are the leading cause of mental illness death followed by suicide? DEATH.

We perpetuate this ideal, this standard of "health" that is literally killing people, torturing humans to fit an ideal that DOES NOT exists.

When you praise someone's weight loss - you are upholding diet culture. When you tell someone they should lose weight - you are upholding diet culture. When the doctor says to lose weight as the answer to your issue - that's diet culture When you jump from diet to diet - you are part of the diet culture cycle. When you wake up and don't feel good enough in your body - that's diet culture.

It's not your fault. It's how we've been raised.

We've been taught that we are NOT WORTHY unless we are skinny. How messed up is that?

Diet culture is toxic.

It's time to un-learn, break free, feel worthy and enough IN YOUR BODY.

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