Chocolate Chip Banana Bread⁣

⁣Super easy to make and delicious!⁣ I used hemp hearts and flaxseeds to add Omega 3's to this bread which are anti-inflammatory 🙌 〰️ Ingredients⁣ 2 cups oat flour⁣ 3 ripe bananas⁣ 1 tsp vanilla⁣ 1 tsp baking powder⁣ 1 tbsp of ground flax (flax egg)⁣ 1 tbsp of water ⁣ 1/4 cup maple syrup⁣ 1/4 cup coconut sugar⁣ 1/4 cup @manitobaharvest hemp hearts ⁣ 1/2 cup chocolate chips ⁣ 〰️ Method⁣ 1) Combine flax and water, allow to sit (flax egg)⁣ 2) Mash the bananas in a bowl and add in the oat flour, vanilla, sweeteners, hemp hearts and baking powder⁣ 3) Once everything is combined add in the flax egg ⁣ 4) Mix the chocolate chips into the mixture⁣ 5) Oil a rectangle bread dish and fill it with the mixture, top with chocolate chips and hemp hearts⁣ 6) Bake for 55-60 minutes at 350°⁣ That's it! Slice it up and enjoy !

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