Chocolate Chip Tahini Bites

An easy snack to whip up. Full of delicious ingredients to keep you fueled until your next meal. These tahini bites have protein and healthy fat, which will keep your blood sugar stable and will stop your mood from shifting to hangry! ;)

All you need:

Oats - 2 Cups

Tahini - 1 Cup

Maple Syrup - 1/4 Cup

Hemp Hearts - 1/4 Cup

Chocolate Chips - 3 Tbsp All you do:

Put all ingredients into a food processor except the chocolate chips. Mix until a ball forms. Take the dough out of the processor and place in a bowl. Mix in the chocolate chips. Roll spoonfuls into a ball, now you have chocolate chip tahini bites! :) A fan of easy peasy protein bites? Check out my Brownie Bites!

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