Dark Chocolate Banana Pops

It's been so hot! Looking for a tasty cool treat to get you through this heat? I've got just the thing! Made with only 4 ingredients and 6 steps these are so easy.

For 4 banana pops You'll need: 2 Bananas 1/2 a large dark chocolate bar 1 tbsp almond butter (or peanut) 1/2 can of coconut milk

Method: 1) Cover a plate with parchment paper. 2) Melt dark chocolate then mix in coconut milk and almond butter. Whisk until smooth. 3) Cut bananas in half and insert a popsicle stick in the bottom, half way up the banana. 4) Dip banana in the mixture and coat well. Allow excess to drop off and lay on parchment sheet. Do this for all 4 and freeze for an hour. Repeat with the rest of the mixture of if you want lightly coated bananas do 8 instead of 4. 5) Once coated drizzle with almond or peanut butter. 6) Freeze until solid and keep in freezer for when you want a delicious snack or a heat wave hits!

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Emily Manuel, B.A, RHN, CYT

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