Dark Chocolate Maca Bark

This recipe was created with women's hormones in mind. I suggest making this and keeping it in your freezer for anytime you need a little pick me up or want a lil' something sweet! Here is a list of ingredients and the important nutritional components in them that are great for you!

2 Cups Dark Chocolate (70–85% cocoa)


· Allows red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body

· Women need Iron because we lose it from monthly cycle

· Most common deficiency in women (tired, weak, fatigue, foggy brain)

· Heme – animal products

· Non-heme – leafy greens, beans, nuts + seeds, fortified foods. Add Vitamin C w/ Green to increase absorption


· Needed for more than 300 biochemical processes in the body

· Energy, protein formation, bone health, nervous system regulation

· Helps to reduce cramps, improve mood, reduce irritability

· Pumpkin seeds, spinach, black beans, quinoa


· Essential mineral – role in making red blood cells with Iron

· Cardiovascular health, immune function, collagen production

· Deficiency is rare – found in whole grains, cocoa, leaf greens, nuts beans


· Important element – in all body tissue, acts like antioxidant

· Plays a large role in hormonal balance – hormone production (Increases testosterone, needed for production of estrogen and progesterone)

· Normally found in foods high in protein (animal products, grains + beans)


· Great for heart health and protects against free radical damage (oxidative stress)

¼ cup Walnuts

·Great source of fat (essential for hormone production)

·High in Omega 3's, reduces inflammation

·Supports brain health

2 tbsp Maca Root

·Plant native to Peru – root of cruciferous veg is dried and powdered

·Great source of vitamin C, copper, iron, potassium

·Increases libido in women and men

·Relieves symptoms of menopause (hot flashes + restless sleep)

·Known to improve mood and reduce anxiety (adaptogen)

·Maca is a great hormone support (fertility and PMS symptoms)

Pinch of sea salt

·Cells cannot function without salt

·Iodine – essential for thyroid health

·Adrenals – when we are stressed and cortisol/aldosterone (hormone) is low there is a lower retention of salt in the body leading to salt cravings

Mix these 4 ingredients together and freeze for 30 minutes.

Then cut it up and that's in! Now you have a little piece of feel good desert! :)

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