Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

T'is the season of holiday gift shopping and gift receiving! Buying gifts can be really fun for some and stressful for others, especially if you don't know what to get! I am usually that "eco-granola-crunching-all-natural-organic-vegan" on everyone's list, so I put together a list of earth-friendly ideas for any of you who may have similar people on your list or perhaps it's you and you are looking for some ideas! :)

All of these products/brands linked and listed below, I have used and would recommend. This list contains zero-waste products, sustainable, mostly Canadian, eco-friendly alternatives and lots of gift ideas!

I understand buying gifts isn't everyone's forte and isn't the most earth-friendly practice, all that packaging, plastic and bows. Here are some eco-friendly alternatives to package your gifts!

❄️ Packaging:

- Use leftover wrapping from last year (if you have some). Always keep the usable wrapping paper people give you and hide it away until you need it! :)

- Use newspaper!

- Buy scarves from a second hand shop

- Cut up old clothing

- Re-use boxes that come in the mail

❄️ Gift ideas:

- DIY gifts (candles, bath products, baked goods, sauces, dips, photo frames, hot chocolate mixes etc.) Head to the thrift store to see if there is anything you can re-use and turn into a fun DIY gift project!

- Bamboo toothbrush - recyclable and not plastic like conventional toothbrushes (Terra20,

- Metal Safety Razors - built to last a lifetime, no plastic like conventional razors (Terra20)

- Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - no packaging, less waste (Lush, Terra20, EcoLoveCollective)

- Local soaps and bath products (Saboon, Purple Urchin)

- Reusable menstrual products (Knix, DivaCup)

- Reusable water bottle, reduces plastic (Swell)

- Reusable mug (Kula Project)

- Face Oils - reduces toxin exposure, great moisturizers and cleansers (rose hip, tamanu, castor oil are all oils I'd recommend) (

- Spice mixes for someone who loves to cook! (

- Offset their yearly carbon emissions (

- Handcrafted soy candles (

- Eco-friendly makeup - reduces toxin exposure (

- A box of organic fruits and vegetables - who doesn't love food?! ( - use code "plantforward" for 20% off)

- Vegan, Fairtrade chocolate (List of Fairtrade chocolate:

- Ethical, Canadian, sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing

(,, )

- Reusable shopping bags and produce bags (,

- Reusable Q-tip, less waste (Last Swab)

- Gift card to a local restaurant for a night out (Pure Kitchen, Green Door, The Table, Chickpeas)

- Gift some local wine, spirit, beer or cider for the alcohol enthusiasts ;) (Can reuse the bottles for something homemade!)

- Local kombucha or ferments (Culture Kombucha, Loon Kombucha, Juniper Farms (Sauerkraut))

- Make a donation to a charity or sanctuary they value on their behalf

- The Maker House has some amazing local gifts from local artisans

There are so many more ideas and awesome brands out there who are eco-conscious and sustainable! These are just a few ideas from what I know and love!

Happy eco-friendly shopping! :)

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