Fancy Breakfast Toast

Mornings can be busy and finding breakfasts that are super easy to put together can knock one thing off your list. I LOVE bread and I really enjoy eating it and I am here to make sure everyone knows that carbs are not bad for you- the right kinds that is! ;) I indulge in sprouted and homemade breads a few times a week. Bread can be a delicious part of your life, check out my article on the specifics and healthy ways to eat it here. I will keep these ingredients on hand so that I can throw together a delicious and fancy looking breakfast in no time! Things like avocado, sprouts and tomato will always add extra pizzazz to toast! :)

All you need on hand is:

▫️ Sourdough bread

▫️ Hummus

▫️ Avocado

▫️ Spinach

▫️ Sprouts

▫️ Tomatoes

I toasted this bread on broil for 3-5 minutes to make it crunchy. I used a spicy hummus for the base, mashed the avocado with salt and pepper, then assembled with shredded spinach, sprouts and cut up cherry tomatoes. Balsamic drizzle on top of these would be AMAZING and if you have a baguette this would make an awesome appetizer!

Enjoy! :)

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