Food Rules

Can't eat past 8pm?⁣

Can't eat if you already ate your days worth of calories?⁣

Can't eat dessert if you didn't work out?⁣

Can't eat cake?⁣

Can't eat pizza?⁣

Can't eat if you already ate?⁣

Can't eat fruit?⁣

Can't eat carbs?⁣

Can't eat sugar?⁣

Can't eat processed foods?⁣

Can't snack between meals?⁣

These are food rules.⁣

When it comes to food and eating, there should be no rules. If you are eating within the confines of rules you are eating in accordance to diet culture NOT your body. ⁣

Rules = external narratives⁣

Intuitve Eating = internal narratives⁣

So let me tell you this, you always deserve to eat. Your body is always worth taking care of and sometimes that self care comes from eating pizza at 10pm - take that food rules ⁣

If you are hungry, you should listen to your internal cues. Hunger hormones! They are built in!⁣

Hunger is YOUR body's way of saying "hey, feed me" that's the ONLY food rule you will ever need, period. Kinda like a really cool super power, dontchya think?⁣

When you start giving yourself permission to eat all foods, all foods suddenly fit. Now your body is the guide not the outside world.

Start listening.⁣

Ready to breakup with diet culture and start eating intuitvely? Not sure where to start - let's connect.

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