Grocery Shop Prep!

GROCERY shopping! I think you either love it or hate it or love/hate it, right 😉?! I've never been the biggest shopping fan and so going to the grocery store was never my forte. Until I started to plan out my trips (and whole foods came around). I felt way less overwhelmed, I knew what I needed and it actually kept me from picking up random unhealthy products! 👇Here's my 3 step "gotta do groceries" prep: 1️⃣ Sit down and plan out your meals. I normally prepare for two breakfast options, my lunches are always leftovers, 2-3 dinners (1 simple throw together dinner like a salad and 2 more prep needed options), and snacks - I looooove snacks so I normally like to plan for 3-4. 2️⃣ Find the recipes and write out all the ingredients you need. Check your cupboards first because you may have some! I like to do my veggie/fruit list and then the rest in another list. 3️⃣ Get excited about the fact that you sat down and planned your weekly meals and get excited about all the delicious food you are going to eat this week! Then off you go! :) Don't forget your list!! 😊 ✨Set 30 mins - 1 hr aside to shop ✨Take your time and read labels ✨Shop mainly in the produce aisle for whole foods ✨Skip the shelves as much as possible ✨Picking a grocery day like Sundays is helpful too! ✨Have fun!!

:) 👉Remember: Every purchase is an investment in your health!

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