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Leading a healthy lifestyle has really been put on a pedestal, do you ever feel like you just can't catch up? Health seems so out of reach when we equate healthiness with fancy water bottles, expensive super foods and snacks like kale chips. Health is so much more than fancy trends, new products and fad-diets. Here are the easiest ways to eat healthy on a budget!

List + plan

Walking into a grocery store with a list will keep you on track. Ever walk around a store and have no idea what to pick up and end up walking out with some cool new brand of chips and a few random items? Been there done that, and truthfully still do sometimes! Planning out your weekly meals and having a list gives you everything you need, so that you only buy what you intended to buy and will keep you within your budget. Also, try not to go to the store famished, we all know how that ends up! ;)

Shop in season

Shopping local and in season has been glorified and thought to be expensive and only for trendy hipster types. Contrary to this belief, in season produce is normally cheaper and local produce not only helps to support your local community but it will be more nutritious (since it didn't travel so far to get to your plate) and more often than not, cheaper. You also get out and get some fresh vitamin N (Nature)!

Hit up the frozen isle

Frozen fruit and vegetables will save you money because they last longer and you are buying them in bulk. You in-turn won't end up throwing anything out. A myth surrounding frozen produce is that it holds less nutrition. This is not true at all. Often the nutrition gets preserved so you end up with more benefits when you go to prepare the frozen produce.

Make meatless meals from time to time

Meat is expensive. If you compare a steak to black beans, you can get way more black beans which are full of protein for the amount you'd pay for one steak. Switching up your protein for plant based proteins can most definitely save you money. Need some plant-based recipe ideas? Check out my blog.

Buy food in bulk

Visiting places such as Bulk Barn or Costco can save you money. When you purchase foods in bulk they tend to be cheaper because you are buying more at once. Instead of purchasing walnuts in a fancy package, check out bulk stores and buy them from the bin. They will often have coupons and you can bring your own containers, win-win!

Batch prep your meals

This is a HUGE time and money saver. If you aren't someone who tends to prep your work lunches, think of how much you end up spending each day on lunch alone. Batch cooking is a great way to not only use up the food you are buying, but you will also have food around to eat so you don't end up buying food at a restaurant. More on batch cooking here.

Always remember, your health is an investment, not an expense.

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