Intersectional Veganism

Intersectionality is a framework for conceptualizing a human, non-human animal, groups of humans/non-human animals or social issue as affected by a number of discriminations and disadvantages. It takes into account the overlapping oppressions and experiences faced.⁣

When we purchase and consume food, it doesn't just happen to be on the shelf or in the store by some magical whim. ⁣

Everything we consume (animal, plant or processed food) had to go through a series of events/processes to get to you.⁣

Bringing an intersectional approach to your consumption habits means looking at the steps taken to get the food onto your plate, who they affect, what they effect and how. Ultimately caring and making choices that reduce these oppressions and disadvantages, where possible and practical.⁣

We are VERY privileged because WE don't have to look at how food gets to our table, we just go to the store and shop (that in itself is a privilege). We live in cognitive dissonance and ignorance when it comes to our food choices and that's what creates profits. ⁣

We've been taught and distracted by the narrative that our personal health is the only thing that's important when it comes to food.⁣

It's not fair, just or sustainable.⁣

Our food system is an oppressive, in-equitable, capitalist machine that places profits over everything else.⁣

It's not okay.⁣



Talk about it.⁣

Look into where the food on your plate comes from.⁣

Support if practical and possible companies who place health, sustainability and welfare over profit.⁣

This isn't about perfection, this is about taking steps away from what "is normal", questioning the norm and doing better for humans, non-human animals and our beautiful environment.⁣

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