Intuition Is a Feminine Energy⁣

We constantly have a mix of feminine + masculine energies flowing within us.⁣

Masculine energy = DOING⁣

Feminine energy = BEING⁣

Our patriarchal system, dominated and designed by masculine energy is obsessed with doing, achieving, logical linear thinking, placing value on the external.⁣

The feminine is often pushed down and unvalued because feeling, being, emoting and sensing isn't seen as purposeful. We've been taught to embody the DOING, NOT the BEING.⁣

If you naturally gravitate towards feminine energy, you are born into a world that tells you from day one, you are deficient. ⁣

It says, you aren't worthy or valuable unless you Do! Attain! Achieve! Succeed! GET the "perfect body".⁣

You've been taught to live from the neck up. You've been taught that the external is more important than the internal.⁣

THIS is why diets are attractive. This is why losing weight is an "achievement" and highly praised. This is why going to the gym is seen as successful. This is why taking a pill or drinking a shake is easier than feeling the feelings. This is why cosmetic surgery and body shaping is popular.⁣

DOING to ACHIEVE "the perfect body" created by patriarchal standards. Constantly handing your power over to an unattainable and unnatural ideal.⁣

It doesn't feel so good, does it? Constantly searching, looking to fill a void. Never feeling quite good enough or worthy - no matter how much you weigh, sweat or look.⁣

I'm going to tell you a secret. PLEASE read it, and re-read it. ⁣

If you keep attaching your worth and your value to these external things you will CONSISTENTLY be disappointed.⁣

As a feminine being your worth and value are intrinsically part of you, not something you access externally, its something you arrive at internally, intuitively.⁣

Stop handing your power over to the racist, classist, patriarchal narrative.⁣

You hold within you everything you need. Everything you desire is within the confines of your skin. ⁣Take back your power.⁣

EMBODY the feminine.⁣

BE in your body. ⁣

FEEL what you are feeling.⁣

LISTEN to your body.⁣

LIVE intuitively.⁣

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