Lavender Bath Melts⁣

These are really simple and easy to create, so nice to keep in a jar and throw into the bath for soft skin and a soothing aroma💫🛁

These don't fizz like a bath bomb, look for recipes with citric acid if that's what you are looking for🙃


2 cups baking soda⁣

1 cup cream of tartar⁣

2 tbsp coconut oil⁣

Lavender essential oil (or of choice)⁣

Dried lavender (optional)⁣

Ice cube trays (silicon works best)⁣


Combine baking soda, cream of tartar and coconut oil. ⁣

Once combined into a crumble consistency, add in drops of essential oil. I do about 10, however go with your own senses. ⁣

Adding in the dried lavender is optional. Please note it will be in your tub so some may find this annoying. ⁣

Grab your mould, silicone is best because you can release the melts easier, however a normal ice cube tray will work. If you are using lavender I like to place a few at the bottom of the mold for aesthetic. ⁣

Spoon your mixture into the moulds, really push down to ensure they are compact and the top is smooth. ⁣

Allow to set for 24. The longer they sit the harder they will get.⁣

Place in a jar, they keep well for many months. ⁣

Have fun playing around with aromas like lemon or orange, peppermint, rose, etc. ⁣


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