Lavender Body Scrub

Natural body care has become my jam over the past few years. I've noticed that the fewer products I use, with fewer ingredients actually lead to more impactful changes when it comes to my skin and body care regime. A lot of products that we can go to the drug store and purchase are full of chemicals and ingredients that we just don't need to be putting on out bodies. From face wash, shampoo to deodorant. I have been on a journey to either find better more natural products or to make my own out of safe and effective ingredients. I've struggled with acne for a lot of my teen years, into my early 20's and still get the occasional breakout, more on that here, however following a more natural simple regime has helped immensely. I will be sharing my skin care recipes as well as my favourite products from time to time :)

Here's how to make easy, natural lavender body scrub, made with almond oil that is amazing for your skin, full of vitamin E that helps the skin to feel smooth and soft. You can also use almond oil around the eyes! :) The lavender in this scrub has a soothing effect and is great for dry or itchy skin.

  • You'll need a container, I used an old large candle holder.

  • 4 cups of epsom salts

  • 10 drops lavender essential oil

  • 3 tbsp dried lavender

  • 3 tbsp almond oil

All you do is mix it together and place in your shower.

Not only does it feel amazing on the skin and smell so good, it leaves your bathroom smelling amazing too! PS. This is a great thing to make and share as a homemade gift with others!

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