Maca Cayenne Dark Hot Chocolate

Chocolate, cayenne pepper and maca root - hello aphrodisiac!!

This hot chocolate is free from processed sugar which makes it a great alternative to traditional hot chocolate. It's creamy, nutritious and sure to satisfy any chocolate craving. The dates are simply amazing for replacing sugar in hot chocolate. they are high in fiber, potassium and magnesium. Feel free to omit the maca and/or cayenne if it's not your thing.

Maca root is an adaptogenic herb that comes from the root of the maca vegetable. Adaptogens are known to sooth the adrenals and help the body deal with stressors. It has an earthy, nutty taste that is great to add to smoothies, oatmeal or hot drinks. It has lots of vitamins (vitamin C & copper), minerals, antioxidants and it's known for it's effect on hormones. It's been said to help in balancing hormones, improve libido and enhance moods. You can get it in supplement or powder form.


1 cup almond milk

3 tbls dark cocoa powder (or normal)

1 tsp maca root powder (optional)

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

2 pitted dates

Here's how to make it: Soak dates in boiling water for 15 mins. Heat almond milk in a saucepan. Whisk in cocoa, maca, cayenne. Once heated, take half the mixture and blend with the 2 pitted dates. Once smooth and creamy add it to a mug and top it off with the rest of the hot chocolate. Yummm!

Enjoy this delectable hot treat! :)

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