Post-Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

October is over and the pumpkins have been carved. Now what? Here are some post Halloween pumpkin uses.


First up, if you've carved a pumpkin and it's looking quite decrepit and full of candle wax, remove the wax/candle and compost it. This will eliminate the pumpkin from going in the garbage and being thrown in a landfill. You can also find a spot in your backyard (if you have one) and break the pumpkin into pieces, cover it in leaves and allow it to decompose naturally. Pumpkin Puree

There are many ways you can consume pumpkins. Make a puree out of the flesh, which you can add to soups, muffins, or lattes. Check out my Lemon Coconut Pumpkin Soup recipe here.

Freeze for later Cut out the fleshy part of the pumpkin, cut into chunks and freeze for later use. Throw them into stocks or smoothies.

Eat the seeds

Pumpkin seeds are delicious and you can flavour them in all sorts of fun ways!

Check out my recipe for sweet and spicy seeds here.

Make a bird feeder

Cut the pumpkin in half and wrap string around the bottom to create a holder (as pictured). Place bird seeds in it and hand it in a place where you can see the birds come. Full details here.

Create a flower pot

Instead of creating a bird feeder you can create a flower pot, but cutting off the top and filling the pumpkin with dirt and filling with pretty flowers. Inspiration here.

Donate your pumpkin

Many animal sanctuary's and horse stables would love to have your pumpkin(s). They can use the pumpkin as feed for the animals. Call your local animal sanctuary to see if they'll take your pumpkin! Happy pumpkin re-using! :)

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