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Ever go to pick up an apple and think, this is so healthy - it will make a great snack (yay me)! Then you eat it and you are hungry 10 minutes later?! The struggle is very real and this can lead you to think - I don't want to just eat fruits and vegetables because I have to eat what feels like a gazillion of them to feel full AND even then I am hungry 20 minutes later! Or ever wonder how vegetarians survive? How can they ever be full? Well my friend, let me help you! I call this the carbohydrate snacking trap!

The reason for this is that apples are carbohydrates and carbs don't breakdown in the stomach. They start the digestive process in the mouth with amylase excretion (chew your food!!) and then they hold tight through the acidic environment of the stomach and get broken down in the small intestine! So when you eat an apple, yes it's healthy and yes it's a great snack however it won't keep you feeling full because it passes right through your stomach. There goes the "I feel so full" feeling. Always remember, fruits and veggies are carbs - healthy carbs the carbs I want you to eat boat loads of! :) Better option? Add protein and/or fat to your carby snack and you will end up feeling satiated for much longer. SO, instead of just the apple, put some almond butter on there and have a handful of nuts. This will also reduce insulin spikes by not continually reaching for your carb filled snack fix. By adding in fat and/or protein you are slowing down the metabolism of the sugar in the carbohydrate. Plus, you are not continually eating just the carbs because they don't keep you full! Hurray for stable blood sugar throughout the day! :)

Ps. Do you ever eat lunch and feel a little crash around 2-3pm? That right there is your blood sugar! Ensure to be eating marcro-nutrient balanced meals and fueling with smart snacks!

Awesome snack ideas:

Hummus [protein] + Peppers [carb] + Cashews [fat]

Apple [carb] + Almond butter [fat] Coconut/Greek Yogurt [protein] + Berries [carb] + Nuts/Seeds [fat]

Carrots[carb] + Mashed Avocado [fat] + Black Beans [protein]

Olives [fat] + Hummus [protein] + Seed Crackers [carb]

Protein Shake [protein] +Greens [carb] + Hazelnut Butter [fat]

Banana [carb] + Almond Butter [fat]

Roasted Chickpeas [protein] + Nuts [fat]

Chia Seed Pudding [protein + fat] + Berries [carb] I hope this helps you understand your body a little more and inspires you to create healthy snacks!

Happy snacking :)

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