The Diet Cycle

When food is restricted or deprived the body shifts into survival mode. The human body is designed to withstand long periods of hunger, ie. famine by storing fat. ⁣

Your body wants you to eat. Your body needs food to function. So, it's constantly seeking food, constantly thinking about food, because it sustains life.⁣ Naturally after periods of restriction and deprivation we binge and overeat because the body again is designed to keep you alive and neeeeeeeds food AKA calories.⁣ Then shame + guilt set in because we think we failed. Plot twist- this isn't a failure on your part, it's an innate system formed through years of evolution to again, keep you alive. ⁣ You may think, but I don't need chocolate, candy, muffins, donuts and pizza to keep me alive. You are absolutely right, you don't. ⁣ However, your brain doesn't know that! Your brain views restricting candy the same way it views restricting blueberries or spinach it's all calories. It doesn't matter what the food is, what matters is that your body feels like it's being deprived, because your brain says "I can't have that!" ⁣ If you tell someone they cannot have something, chances are, they are going to want it even more, so when you tell yourself you can’t have a certain food, your body is going to want it increasingly more, leading you to eat more than you would before. ⁣ What happens is that our bodies will actually not only hold on to weight, but they will send signals to our brain to eat and eat quickly and the binge restrict cycle begins. Our bodies will want to end the hunger and restriction as quickly as possible and we will react by eating more foods than we need to and we won’t be reaching for a salad. Because when was the last time you binged on a spinach salad? The body is looking for calories!⁣ This innate cycle that the body designed to keep your ancestors alive for millennia wasn't designed for weight loss or feelings of guilt and shame. It was designed to keep them alive so that you could be here today!⁣ This is the dieting cycle and it's why diets don't work! ⁣

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