Walnut Basil Pesto

Pesto is such a great sauce to have around! You can use it on sandwiches, as a pasta sauce (pesto pasta - yum!), use it as a dip, toss veggies in it, the options are endless! The secret ingredient in this pesto is water lentils. Water lentils are a small flowering plant that float on the surface of fresh water. They contain an incredible amount of plant based calcium, iron, vitamin A, zinc, magnesium and fibre. I love adding water lentils to my smoothies, sauces and salad dressings. I absolutely love the iron content it contains, 34% of your daily needs in 2 tablespoons!

Walnuts are the nut that is used in this pesto which are high in brain supporting omega 3's and nourishing fat. Nutritional yeast gives a cheesy flavour and adds a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Here's how to make this delicious easy pesto!

Ingredients: 1.5 cups of fresh basil

1/2 a cup of watnuts

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

3 tbsp of nutritional yeast

1 tbsp water lentils 1 tsp cayenne pepper Salt & Pepper


In a food processor, blend walnuts and garlic until minced. Add in all other ingredients and blend until you find the consistency you like - feel free to add more oil to make it thinner. Makes 3/4 of a cup. Cover and keep in the fridge. You can cover with oil to keep the colour nice and green.Freeze if you won't use it within a few weeks. Use code PLANTFORWARD10 to get 10% off Earth Proofs water lentils!

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