The 7- Day Plant Based RESET is for YOU.

Whether you are looking to improve your lifestyle, learn new recipes, go plant-based for one week, ease certain symptoms, learn about your body or jump start a new month!
This program is easy to use and broken down by day. You will be provided with information that you can incorporate into your daily life as well as wellness activities designed to help you achieve optimal health. 36 pages loaded with nutrition info!

You can connect with me at any point during your reset, and you can go at your own pace.

So why reset? Well when you reset something you go back to zero. This week was created to bring you back to basics. To cut out all the things that tend to sneak into our diet and lifestyle that don’t serve us, from things like processed sugar to stress. This is not a "detox", as your body is naturally designed to detox on its own. This is a week-long lifestyle change that was created to make lasting healthy habits, give your digestion a rest and teach you a little something about your body!


This program includes a full grocery list, delicious and simple plant-based recipes, nutrition information and tips as well as wellness activities for 7 days. You will have a breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, as well as an activity to nurture your mind and  body and nutrition information that will allow you to think about the inner workings of your body and support the connection between food and how it affects you. 


You may choose to use this program in tandem with supplements, the option is left up to you, however you will feel a difference with the food alone! :)


PS. You won't be stuck in the kitchen for 7 days, as this program has 12 recipes and leftovers are part of the program. The grocery list is broken down into exact measurements to reduce waste. 

Once purchased the program will be emailed to you!


*Bonus you can use me as a resource for 1 month after you purchase this program. Email me your questions and I'll be happy to answer! I want you to learn how to nourish your unique self! :)

7-Day Plant-Based Reset


    Emily Manuel, B.A, RHN, CYT

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