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Working with Emily has been amazing! She is kind, patient, and full of knowledge. She takes the time to educate and not just problem solve, which I think is much more important in my opinion. She has helped me understand the importance of preparing for the digestive upset that can take place during a round of antibiotics. She made sure to set me up with what I need to do and even provided samples of products. She followed up with messages and has been so caring. Her passion is evident and is reflected in her desire to help. Whether it's a quick question or a sit down and plan scenario, I recommend reaching out to Emily. Thank you so much for your guidance and support!


I initially saw Emily to help me overcome some digestive issues and chronic fatigue. Emily was very helpful, worked with me and my goals to create a nutrition plan and food suggestions. Since seeing her I've felt more energetic and had less digestive stress, and would recommend seeing her for help in changing your eating habits to support your lifestyle!


Emily is extremely knowledgeable and passionate, ever-learning, about all things health- and nutrition- related. I appreciate how respectful she is of different schools of thought among the industry and how she finds merit in every method to create completely custom nutrition plans for each client and their unique personal goals! Highly recommend!!!


Emily is thoughtful, kind and very knowledgeable. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health from the inside out! :)


Emily’s sincerity and dedication to helping others achieve their health goals; to know and understand why our food choices matter and to develop an appreciation and relationship with the foods we eat. I’ve never met anyone more passionate about nutrition and I especially love her openness and willingness to help anyone with any dietary habits and backgrounds!


Emily has always had a passion about holistic nutrition and it shows in her guidance of healthy living and eating!


Emily is caring, compassionate, and offers recipes that make you forget about meat! The information in her plans is well presented, clear, and straightforward. There is also a clear importance placed on mind health as well as body health.

Love PFN! 5 Stars!

[Review on 7-Day Plant-Based RESET]


Emily is incredibly knowledgeable, intelligent and professional. She has incredible patience and a sincere desire to support and help others.


Emily is so easy to work with, she is full of information and has helped me to improve my digestion, sleep troubles and overall health. Emily created a customized health plan for me, with a an easy to follow meal plan and she taught me things about my body that I never knew. She makes the connection between mind and body make sense. I can’t wait to continue working with her. I highly recommended Emily to everyone looking to improve their health!


I left today totally inspired and relieved that I can eat a healthy , delicious diet even with my restrictions. I appreciate the work you have done on the menu suggestions for me and all the other information you have supplied. I look forward to implementing the changes to my diet and watching the benefits it will bring me.

I can’t wait to make the chickpea flour “egg” muffins for breakfast. Thanks again for your help ,your kindness and  your passion in eating wholesome plant based food.


Working with Emily has been great. She is a great resource especially when it comes to plant based diets. She has been really helpful and I will recommend her to anyone looking to improve their nutrition.


It is my absolute pleasure to be able to work with such amazing clients! Thank you for putting your trust in me + for all the love!

Always wanted to transition to a more plant oritented diet but I didn't have the time to educate myself and do it properly. Emily blew me away with her knowledge and science based approaches to maintain a good balance in my life and meet my nutritional goals for my fitness. She took all the worry and strain on making this transition.


I wanted to let you know that after eating three balanced meals a day (to the best that I can do) for three weeks now, that I am naturally portioning proper serving sizes because of intuitive eating. So I wanted to say thank you for helping me and for believing in me ! I overcame a huge obstacle in my life !


You have no clue how much you’ve had an impact on me. I’m trying mindful/ intuitive eating and I haven’t weighed myself in 6 weeks. At my worst this year i'd weigh myself almost 2 times a day. I feel like I probably have gained a few pounds and yet everyone keeps telling me how good and healthy I look, Thank you!